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We need some information

* The language in which you want to translate can be selected in the next step.
E-Mail is needed to identify. It is also necessary for you to have access to older translations from you.
Name and Surname are needed for credits in the App. It's also "M" "Schneider" or "Martin" "S" (i.e.) allowed. You can also use a nickname. In this case type in your nick in the "name" field and type "nickname" in the "surname" field. Mother tongue and country is very important to us to know how close you are connected to the language you translate in. Please be honest! It doesn't decide whether your translation is used or not!

Some terms and conditions:
It's a free App. Thats why you won't get rewarded. In the case, your translation is used for commercial use, you will get asked and rewarded.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, you can use the contact form of this website.